Galen Hensley Personal Training

Galen Hensley Personal Training Home Design Preview


This was a side project I did for a friend of mine. Her husband is a personal trainer and his site was in dire straits to say the least.

The project goals were to simplify his current content down to just the necessities. He needed something simple and easy to navigate across all devices. A website that would help prospective clients get a better feeling for who he is, give an idea as to what to expect if they hired him, and have a place to go for nutrition and fitness resources. All while establishing a higher end feel to his personal brand.

Site Features:
  • Single page scrolling design
  • Responsive
  • Modal “before and after image” gallery

(This site is currently in development)


Galen Hensley Personal Training Home Page Design

Galen Hensley Personal Training Mobile DesignGalen Hensley Personal Training Phone Design


Art Direction, Web Design


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